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New Beginnings consists of workshops and seminars to help others improve their quality of life, some are listed here, however Ms. Knight can formulate a workshop or seminar that reflects your vision or request.

A change of heart- The series, presented as a seminar. Spiritually inspirational and motivational!

How to heal and overcome your past/present unhealthy relationships, presented as a workshop.

Moving into a purpose filled life-presented as a workshop.

Empowerment from fear-interactive 2 hrs. workshop.

Aspiring Authors workshop-Motivation for aspiring Authors and Authors alike! 1 hr workshop

Aspiring Authors & New Authors Workshops- 6 weeks course 

Drama workshop-Fun, energetic and exciting! 1-3 hrs workshop or 6 weeks 

Marketing and Branding for Entrepreneurs and Authors 1-3 hrs workshop 

Play Production: Written & Directed by Rhonda Knight

"Father Forgive Me" This play is dynamic! it explores areas we've all experienced at some point in our lives where we just needed a one on one with our Father God and the mercy and grace of His forgiving Spirit! It covers topics like a verbally abusive husband, a wife dealing with condemnation, teen pressure & bullying, a drug dealers life-defining moment and more! You will laugh, cry, sympathize, cheer and ultimately be blessed by this performance. The play was inspired by D Jones, a hiphop artist that performs in between some scenes. It is an excellent fundraising opportunity as well!

Speaking Topics:

  • Blessed Survivor Story
  • Sexual Assault/Abuse
  • Domestic/Dating Violence
  • Ministry-Christian Biblically based view
  • Healing
  • Communing with God
  • Specific subject matter based on the clientele's needs

Children's Topics based on our line of books:

  • Self Esteem
  • Suicide, Suicidal Thoughts, Depression
  • Homelessness
  • Sexual Abuse/Assault
  • Learning Disability and other disabilities
  • Bullying
  • Physical Abuse
  • Growing Up Mentally Healthy
  • Specific subject matter based on the clientele's needs