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Ms. Rhonda Knight is a National Motivational Speaker and Minister who is available to tell her story of surviving a horrendous attack on her life. In addition, she is very flexible and creative in her speaking and can structure her platform to speak on any subject you desire. She inspires, educates, encourages and challenges her listeners and readers. Her speaking and writing is from the heart and very touching. She's been heard on several podcasts, and radio shows, like the Russ Parr morning show (nationally syndicated) and several TV shows including ATLANTA LIVE. She's also spoken on many platforms to a variety of audiences; Schools, Churches, Organizations, Universities, Special Events, For Police Depts, General audiences, Women's groups and all Men's groups.

Moreover, Rhonda Knight is an International Author whose written a book on her ordeal of surviving attempted murder and rape. The book was released in February 2011 and was followed by a NATIONAL speaking and book signing tour across the United States! She was also featured as one of the 2019 Indie Authors of the year!

Her book is entitled: "BLESSED SURVIVOR" My Journey from Survival of Attempted Murder and Rape to a Purpose Filled Life.
It's available in all the major bookstores, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Walmart.com and smaller bookstores. Her book has been sold and read all across the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and France as well. 

The hit TV show "I Survived" contacted Ms. Knight about her story at one point and then the Discovery Channel in the UK (London England) approached her also. She went on to film an exclusive documentary on her story with Investigation Discovery on the show "Surviving Evil" on the Investigation Discovery (ID) Channel, airing in several Countries. Ms. Knight's ecstatic about these opportunities and says through this media, her story will impact and encourage even more lives.

Rhonda is also the state Regional State Lead for Georgia and Michigan, with Voices of Black Mothers United. The Voices of Black Mothers United is an initiative of The Woodson Center that honors the lives of our murdered children, by creating communities that are safe for everyone. They are bringing together mothers of fallen children and community partners to heal, strengthen, and make communities safe by supporting intervention and sensible police reform, and pushing back against defunding the police.
Ms. Knight stated, "Our mission is to assist individuals and organizations in the areas of family advocacy, community intervention, and positive policing. Our partners in law enforcement have models of positive policing that work. " 

Rhonda mentioned, my latest endeavor and one I am most proud of as well, is the collaboration of writing a series of children’s books with 4 of my 5 daughters. It started from a vision Amber Jones, my 2nd oldest daughter had and sparked memories of many conversations I have heard as I spoke across the Country. These conversations were from prominent and everyday people who had experienced one or more of our book subjects as children and as a result, they have also experienced mild to severe mental health issues. Our books help with real issues children may experience and helps to bring awareness to avoid certain issues that could occur. This way we can be instrumental in helping to develop mentally healthy children in our society, that grow up to be mentally sound adults. Our Helpville Learner Series I is comprised of seven books. The subjects are Self-esteem, suicide and depression, homelessness, sexual assault, learning disabilities and other disabilities, bullying and lastly, physical abuse. We tackle these tough issues in a kid-friendly manner. Each book is designed where a child age 5-10 can read it. It is also designed for parents, teachers, counselors etc., to be interactive with the child while reading it to them or with them, no matter what the child's age is. We cater to families, schools, daycares, family oriented centers, foster care agencies, hospitals, other types of organizations and anyone who wants books that help children to live a happy, healthy life! Buy the whole set of all seven books at Amazon.com (type in "Helpville Learner Series" in the search area)! Give a child books that will help them understand themselves and other children as well.  Since the launch date of May 6 2019, Our Helpville Learner Series books are already in the Lee County school system in Opelika/Auburn Alabama and in the Gwinnett County Libraries in Georgia! My daughters and I are available to do book signings or speaking engagements on this matter. I would love to hear from you! Ms. Knight illustrated all seven books as well and is a proud member of the "Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators!"

She is also penning a sequel to "BLESSED SURVIVOR" entitled 
"LOOK HOW FAR GOD'S BROUGHT ME FROM-Walking In The Blessings Of God" and another book called "TRANSFORMATION-Body, Mind & Soul".

She's been a Television and Radio Personality and Producer of the UPLIFTING Television show and International Radio Show! Which gave a voice to survivors while impacting the world for positive change. You can view some of the shows on YouTube

In addition to the above, she does a series called New Beginnings which consists of workshops and seminars to help others to improve their quality of life, some are listed here:

A change of heart- The series, presented as a seminar. Spiritually inspirational and motivational!

How to heal and overcome your past/present unhealthy relationships-presented as a workshop.

Moving into a purpose filled life-presented as a workshop.

Empowerment from fear-interactive 2 hr. workshop.

Aspiring Authors workshop-Motivation for aspiring Authors and Authors alike! 1 hr workshop

Aspiring Authors & New Authors Workshops- 6 weeks course 

Drama workshop-Fun, energetic and exciting! 1-3 hrs workshop or 6 weeks 

Marketing and Branding for Entrepreneurs and Authors 1-3 hrs workshop 

Rhonda is the Founder of Uplifting Hearts, Minds & Souls (H.U.M.S.)  www.h-u-m-s.org. Ms. Knight is on a mission to make a change in our nation. She is very dedicated in the fight to help stop violence towards women and children mainly but helps men survivors too. Rhonda does mentoring at women's shelters and motivational speaking to the women and children there and anywhere else there is a platform.  Rhonda expressed that she feels this is a part of her calling and purpose on this earth along with the other areas of ministry God navigates her through.

She's also the CEO and Founder of Lady Knight Enterprises Publishing. A full publishing company that offers affordable rates for its clientele. Her company periodically holds a big annual conference called the "Impact & Influence Authors Conference" and has added an authors' writing retreat!

Ms. Knight is also an Evangelist and says this gift is one that she cherishes in her heart. Not the title but the gift that God has given her. I hope to live my life as an example, I would rather walk the walk than talk the talk.

Among other things, Ms. Knight had piloted a program called Uplifting Neighborhoods. This project was designed in two parts, one was a program called H.U.M.S. Heroes designed to help under privileged children cope with the issues in their neighborhoods. It would have trained them in drama which leads into drama therapy for healing. The second half of their program would have emphasized safety training, mannerisms and helping to beautify the community. The other, H.U.M.S. Hopegivers was geared towards women in those communities with programs to help with issues such as domestic violence, dating violence, rape etc. It was designed to be a project that trains and empowers these women to eventually run the program themselves. Thus encouraging a cycle of neighbors uplifting each other and building up their communities! The organization this project was designed for lost some funding and was unable to implement the program, however it can be executed in your neighborhood! Call us!!

Rhonda had also been a regular and frequent speaker as well as mentor at Vista Maria, a fairly large girls juvenile facility located in Michigan. "Sadly the majority of these girls have been victims themselves which more than likely attributes to their acting out" she exclaims.

As mentioned, she's done a television show and an international radio show, called "The Uplifting Talk Show" gave a voice to survivors and was comprised of expert panelists. Its unique design was formatted to inform and educate this nation and world's viewing audience and to encourage community involvement. it was also structured to deal with cultural and/or religious challenges victims/survivors may face. She is presently looking for new sponsorship for the show.

Rhonda Knight is a Certified Business Coach, Certified Life Coach. Public Speaking trainer and Certified Peer Specialist - Mental Health, helping individuals, families and businesses, corporations, organizations and educational systems as well. Please call 678 499-9523 for inquiries of services or more details!

Ms. Knight is also a certified member of the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) and has training in 30 areas of study to help meet the needs of those seeking counseling. In addition Ms. Knight has ten Continuing Education-Psychology and Counseling certificates in the Sexual Trauma Series through Regent University. She is also a member of the Christian Association for Psychological Studies (CAPS) and the National Association of Drama Therapy (NADT). Rhonda was also an Affinity Chair for Regent University, Alumni-Atlanta. Ms. Knight was pursuing her BA in Theological & Biblical Studies with a minor in Psychology and still plans to get her PhD.

Previously to her Speaking professionally and her career as an International Author, Ms. Knight enjoyed an extensive career as an Actor, Writer, Director, Producer, Professional Theatrical Makeup Artist and Instructor of Drama. She has experience in the technical aspect of theatre too, doing lighting, some basic sound, stage management, technical directing and set design. Because of owning her own production company, it equipped her to be successful in producing, marketing, advertising and promoting as well as putting on major events. She was the Director & Head of Tabernacle International Church Drama Ministry which is a full theatrical ensemble she oversaw and provided training and instruction for in the art of Drama!  She's even done clowning and professional face painting! She states she still performs and is available for any of these noted positions as well.