Preacher and Inspirational Minister of the Gospel

Evangelist Knight was truly a blessing to The Sanctuary Christian center, ministering on "Communing with God," Psalm 27:4 " One thing have I desired of the Lord, that will I seek after; that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord, and to enquire in his temple." 

She has a participatory ministry that engages everyone. It was very enlightening and well excepted by the youth. She held their interest and ministered with enthusiasm and fervor. Her testimony of being a survivor of abuse was encouraging to know that God saves! Not only the saving power of God is and was working on her behalf, "God granted her favor." What a mighty God we serve!


Reviewer: Marco S. P.
Organization: The Sanctuary Christian Center
Event: Worship Service in Conyers, GA
Event Date: May 31, 2015
Hired As: Christian Speaker

Response from Rhonda Knight:

I totally enjoyed speaking at The Sanctuary Christian Center, Pastor & First Lady Sims are two beautiful spirits, humbly serving God! Your youth and members were very welcoming as well, thanks for having me and I look forward to fellowship with you all in the near future!


Ms. Knight is a real sister in Christ. She has embraced me with the kind of love that only comes from having Christ in your heart. Ms. Knight is a great inspiration and motivates a person to be who they are called to be in the Lord. Thank you for all you do for myself and others.


Reviewer: Sylvia B.
Event: Studio Session in Atlanta, GA
Event Date: May 2, 2012
Hired As: Christian Speaker, Christian Speaker

Rhonda Knight author," The Blessed Survivor" & Mentor

I want to let you know this book is a must have you won't be sorry. I have read her book "The blessed survivor" several times and each time I read the book I get a new and different revelation of love, acceptance, healing and peace a new higher level. Let me tell you god has blessed this woman with a beautiful gift first of experience, because think about it you can't relate to someone else's crisis unless you have had some sort of experience yourself. She knows what she is talking about when she speaks so please listen. She is also gifted in human relations, mentor, public speaker, and writer. I have been blessed by path crossing with Miss Knight my wish for the one who reads this post may your life as well be enriched and blessed by her as well. God has his hand on her and I am a living testimony of that.


Reviewer: Laverne C.
Event: Worship Service in Douglasville, GA
Event Date: Feb 25, 2012

Response from Rhonda Knight:

Thank you for your kind words, your testimony of what God is doing through the ministry of the "Blessed Survivor" book will help many people. Laverne shared with me that she is now walking in the peace that only Christ can give and for those who have heard me speak, you know that is just what God told me would happen from the ministry of my book which was inspired by the Holy Spirit and written to be a blessing to you!


Rhonda came to our church's youth group meeting last month, and it was amazing! Everyone is still talking about it. It truly was a blessing, and even though we were expecting a bigger crowd the message really touched everyone's heart. We all hope to see her again soon!


Reviewer: Jessy B.
Event: Worship Service in Atlanta, GA
Event Date: May 14, 2012
Hired As: Christian Speaker, Motivational Speaker

Response from Rhonda Knight:

I was blessed as well to be among other true believers and humble servants of Christ our Lord! I look forward to coming back soon! Love you all dearly, especially Jessy.

Review by Brandy N.

I met Rhonda at a women's fellowship one Friday night. I purchased her book that same night! The next day I started to read her book and I was truly blessed by it. The book shared so much helpful insight on life and overcoming tragedy. I highly recommend this book for anyone that has gone through anything in life. This book will help you as you journey forward in life and overcome varies obstacles. Rhonda is a strong and courageous women and God has truly used her to speak a word of encouragement to the body of Christ. She is truly a survivor by the grace of God and she has a great testimony to tell.


Reviewer: Brandy N.
Event: Worship Service in Atlanta, GA
Event Date: Mar 11, 2011

Response from Rhonda Knight:

Thank you Brandy, it was a pleasure meeting you! I know God is going to do great things in your life, now is the time...

Review by Jessica C.

"Rhonda is a wonderful person to be associated with both professionally and personally. I had the honor of coordinating one of her book signings and she is so easy to work with; I appreciated her honesty and open-mindedness and hope I have the opportunity to work with her again in the near future."


Reviewer: Jessica C.
Organization: Sutra Lounge
Event: House Party in Atlanta, GA
Event Date: Mar 11, 2011
Hired As: Author, Motivational Speaker

Response from Rhonda Knight:

Thank you Jessica you are awesome at what you do and I appreciate you! Much success in all your future endeavors!

Review by JAMEI

Great book! must read! very inspirational...All things are possible with God...this is the very essence of this book. more please.


Reviewer: JAMEI
Event: House Party in Atlanta, GA
Event Date: Mar 11, 2011

Response from Rhonda Knight:

Jamei, you are a light to many! Thank you for your kind words, there is MORE to come!!

Review by Claude J.

I met Ms. Knight at a Christian book store and later invited her to speak at my fellowship. Her testamony was moving and inspiring as all felt the challenges she is facing. Her strength, courage and faith prompted some to learn more about domestic violence and to seek out counseling. As she spoke, you could see how the Lord is working with and through her to bless others. I personally have been couraged by her testamony and her accomplishments. I look forward to hearing her speak again and highly recommend her as a motivational speaker. Many need to hear how to overcome adversity, both men and women would benefit from listening to Ms. Knight.


Reviewer: Claude J.
Event: Worship Service in Atlanta, GA
Event Date: Apr 12, 2009

Response from Rhonda Knight:

Claude God said trust you the first time we met and you have proven to be a trustworthy friend in the Lord! May His light forever shine on you and in your life! Blessings

Review by William S.

Ms. Knight spoke at an event in Detroit a few years ago and was amazing. Her testimony was both heart wrenching an heart healing at the same time. She was a captivating speaker with great delivery and even humorous at times. Ms. Knight was very professional, articulate and open. I think we all felt as if we had known Her for many years. I can't wait for her to come back to Detroit and bless more people with the wonderful testamony that God has given her! I would recomend her ministry to anyone or any group whether its a Christian group or not. People who struggle with overcoming abuse or rap really need this lady.


Reviewer: William S.
Event: Fundraiser in Detroit, MI
Event Date: Aug 11, 2009

Response from Rhonda Knight:

I enjoyed speaking at this event and personally having the opportunity to chat with you! You are truly an inspiration to many and I know God will continue to lift you up for His glory and use you through your many gifts, to be a blessing to others, peace and joy to you! PS I'll be back to speak in Michigan soon!

Review by Jessica L. G.

Miss Knight coordinated a public event for Domestic Violence Awareness Month where she was only one of many speakers. Some speakers were victims themselves, others were area professionals whom provided services to the community. All spoke about their experiences and were informative as to how to seek assistance if they happened to be a domestic violence or rape victim. Tables providing service information were also available for the attendees. Miss Knight spoke with the true courage and passion of a survivor. She presented her story in a way that encouraged others to step forward and get help if they needed it as well as assure them they are not alone. She is a shining example of how a person can turn something horrible in their life into good that helps others.


Reviewer: Jessica L. G.
Event: Seminar in Detroit, MI
Event Date: Sep 13, 2008

Response from Rhonda Knight:

Jessica you spoke eloquently that evening as well and God has given you a heart to do the job of helping children of sexual assault and abuse, one I don't think I could do in the capacity in which you work... You are a brave courageous woman who trust God and listens to His instructions in your life. Keep up the good work!


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