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Knight Girls Children's Collection 

Tackling Tough Issues In A Kid-Friendly Manner

Our books help with real issues children may experience and helps to bring awareness to avoid certain issues that could occur. Too many people grow up with mild to severe mental health issues because of what they have experienced as a child. Therefore, our ultimate goal is to get these amazing books into the hands of as many children as we can. This way we can be instrumental in helping to develop mentally healthy children in our society, that grow up to be mentally sound adults. Our Helpville Learner Series 1 is comprised of seven books. The subjects are Self-esteem, suicide and depression, homelessness, sexual assault, learning disabilities and other disabilities, bullying and lastly, physical abuse. We tackle these tough issues in a kid-friendly manner. Each book is designed where a child age 6-10 can read it. It is also designed for parents, teachers, counselors etc., to be interactive with the child while reading it to them or with them, no matter what the child's age is.

We cater to families, schools, daycares, family oriented centers, foster care agencies, hospitals, organizations and anyone who wants books that help children to live a happy, healthy life! Buy the whole set of all seven books! Give a child books that will help them understand themselves and other children as well.  

Please visit
www.knightgirlscc.com(click the link here) to order or you can order at Amazon.com (type "Helpville Learner Series" in the search bar). Take the time to view each book to learn more about each character and their story!

Every home, school, daycare or other children oriented establishment, needs to have a set of the Hellpville Learners Series books! Get yours today!

My daughters and I are also available to do speakin
g engagements, special events and book signings. Send us an email via our contact page or call for more details and to book us!